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Early adolescence is a challenging stage in the development of all children. They are growing physically, intellectually, and socially more during these years than they have at any other time in their lives. The Franklin Avenue Middle School community recognizes this fact and provides students with the proper support and encouragement so that they may leave middle school with the skills requisite for a successful career in high school and beyond.

Upcoming Events
District Announcements
Year 1 District and School HIB Grade Report
Click HERE for the Year 1 District and School HIB Grade Report.
School Announcements
Living Lessons - May 15
Parents interested in volunteering for Living Lessons, please CLICK HERE for more information.

On May 15, 2014, FAMS will host a special program entitled "Living Lessons".  This event will not only be an amazing and inspirational day for every child at the Franklin Avenue Middle School, but will actually culminate an entire year-long program that has focused on such poignant topics as self-control, respect, resilience, courage, anti-bullying and tolerance.

Through generous funding from the Franklin Lakes Education Foundation and financial support from the FAMS PTA and the Franklin Lakes Education Association, we have assembled a truly dynamic panel of inspirational figures and everyday heroes who will visit FAMS and share their unique and powerful stories with the children during this remarkable school themed-day.  

Although the children will hear stories of tragedy and unbelievable obstacles, the universal theme of the day is one of triumph and hope.  To this end, the day is designed so that the children will not only listen and learn from our guests, but truly experience a community-wide positive spirit.

On Thursday, May 15, we are asking ALL STUDENTS TO BRING LUNCH due to the schedule changes for Living Lessons.

FAMS Teacher of the Year
Congratulations to Mrs. Katie DeRosa who was selected by the Bergen County Teacher/Education Services Professionals Recognition Program or "Teacher of the Year" for Franklin Avenue Middle School.  Mrs. DeRosa was nominated and then selected by a panel of judges that included administrators, teachers, and parents.

Congratulations Mrs. DeRosa!!
Helen Cogger Food Drive
This Friday is the last day the Peer Leadership Corps will collect food and pantry donations from our community to help support the Center for Food Action in Mahwah. Please send any contributions with the students no later than Friday, April 25th. Every single item makes a difference for those in need. Thank you for your help and support!

The FAMS Peer Leadership Corps will kick off its annual Helen Cogger Food Drive this Monday, April 14th through Friday, April 25th. Food banks supplies are critically low this time of year, and FAMS would like to do their part to help make a difference! Please consider dropping off donations at FAMS anytime over the next two weeks. The students can bring the donations to their homeroom, or community members can simply leave your donation bags against the wall inside the main door at FAMS. Thank you for your help!

Sample donations include:
  • peanut butter
  • jelly
  • cold cereals
  • pancake mix
  • pancake syrup
  • boxed macaroni and cheese
  • instant potatoes
  • canned potatoes
  • evaporated milk
  • juice boxes
  • canned tomato products
  • baby formula
  • diapers
  • supermarket gift cards
  • bar soap
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush

and more!
Marking Period 3 Report Cards
Marking Period 3 Report Cards have been posted to the Genesis Parent Access system and can be retrieved at any time.  For any issues with a grade or comment, please contact the appropriate teacher.

Please click on the link below to log in to the Parent Access system.

Students/Patriots of the Month

FAMS would like to congratulate our Students and Patriots of the Month for February. 

The Student and Patriot of the Month program provides recognition for students who exhibit positive behaviors and exemplary performance.  Selected students will receive a certificate and a congratulatory breakfast sponsored by the FAMS PTA for their accomplishments.

Student of the Month Patriot of the Month
6th Kristina Erskine Jacob Holland
Lina Giampa Alexa Teo
7th Ashley Bernhammer Harrison Kulick
Spencer Lander Madison Yormark
8th Maie Abdel-Wahab Lindsey Candler
Novia Baulisch Melina Frodella

Benchmark Assessment Schedule - Marking Period 3

Marking Period 3
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
April 4
March 18-19
March 25-26
April 3
April 2
March 28
April 2
April 1
March 31
March 28
March 27
March 26
April 3
April 3

**Algebra 7, Algebra 8, Algebra 8 Honors, and Geometry will take will also take the High School level cumulative exam at the end of the school year.

FAMS Boys Basketball Wins Championship!

The boys basketball team refused to lose and battled back from 12 points behind to win the League Championship by a score of 64-63 over a great Hillsdale team. An early season loss to the same Hillsdale club was the only blemish on the Patriots' 14-1 record. The boys never went ahead until 1 minute left in the game.  Andrew Curcura hit four 3 pointers in the fourth quarter and made some important foul shots to seal the victory. Andrew finished with 29 points and made seven 3 pointers in all. Jason Oppler added 22 points with some fantastic drives and controlled the play at the end. The boys played full court man to man pressure in the last frame to turn the game. A great defensive effort was put in by the entire team.

Congratulations to Coach Slade and the Patriots!
Sports Update

  • See Mr. Tuttle, Ms. Perry, or Ms. McClure if you have any questions.
Track shirts are on sale this week and next week in the gym. Cost is $10. Get yours while there is still a choice in sizes. First come, first served.

Tennis:  "Attention Tennis Club! We will be meeting today, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Old Mill Tennis Courts from 4pm-5pm. We're also having Tennis Club T-shirts made. The t-shirts are white with a Tennis Club & FAMS logo in blue and red. The t-shirts are only $12 order yours today! Final orders are due by Thursday, May 1st. Please see Miss Terpstra or Mr. Colon for questions or further details" 

Baseball -  The baseball team lost to Wyckoff yesterday by a score of 6-3. The Patriots played poor defense and did not hit the ball well at all until the last inning. Too little, too late. They will practice today from 3:30-5:30pm.

Softball -  
  • The softball team lost yesterday in their first game against Wyckoff, but the girls played well.  Pitchers Megan Casesa and Jenna Ribiero did a great job on the mound.  There will be practice today at Pulis until 5pm
March Madness
  • Today's semi-final game features the Sequal vs. Sweatin' the Trey. Please arrange pickup for 3:40pm.
Basketball Camp - 
  • Patriot Basketball Shooting Camp - the Elite Mini-Camp is now open to 7th Graders. See Coach Slade for info.
  • Session 1 still has 10 spots open. Session 2 is closed.

Click here for.... DIRECTIONS TO EVENTS LINK: ►

FAMS Daily Bulletin


The Helen Cogger Food Drive ends this Friday! PLEASE bring in any donations you may have, and check them off in your homeroom. Let's work together to help out those in need!
*If you are missing something, please check the lost and found.  All articles left  will be donated! 

4/28 -5/1 - 

**All Students:  It's NJ ASK Time again!  All FAMS students will be taking the NJ ASK Mon - Thurs 4/28 - 5/1.  Students in each grade will be assigned alphabetically to classrooms to test.  Rosters will be posted with student names and classroom locations during the week.  Be sure to look and see which classroom you'll be in!  We will have extended homeroom on Friday the 25th for students to go to their assigned testing locations after attendance.  There, you will sit in your assigned seating as practice and hand in your calculators.  **Please remember to bring in the calculator you will use for NJ ASK testing by Friday 4/25! 

Helpful NJ ASK Tips:  Get plenty of sleep, eat a BIG breakfast, and just do your best!!  :)

Attention students:

As the weather has now turned warmer, we remind all students to examine their clothing choices each morning before arrival to school. Be reminded that FAMS has guidelines that can answer your questions regarding appropriateness of attire. We all appreciate your cooperation. Stop by the office with any questions.

Some reminders about school procedures: 4/14 Begins Marking Period 4

  1. Please arrive to school on time! Attendance is taken at 8:05.
  2. Remember we only allow walking in the hallways. Safety first!
  3. Follow all bus safety rules. Remember there are no assigned seats.
  4. Notice the rotation for recess for marking period FOUR. It is posted in all homerooms and of course the MPR. We will only use the rotation when the weather is warm enough to go outside.
  5. If you plan to leave the MPR for any reason at lunch time, you MUST sign out first. If you will be with a teacher, you will need to show a pass!
  6. Large bags and backpacks are not permitted to be used throughout the day.
  7. Also, please leave all of your class materials in your locker when you come to lunch. 

*Note that the school store is open to students during their lunch periods on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.  Snacks are available for .50/.75 cents.  Please do not bring in bills larger than $5.00 as we are not able to make change.
  • Students, when you arrive to school in bad weather, you will be waiting inside the building until the 8:00 am bell.  All students will enter through the door by the gym and then proceed to the following locations:
    • 6th grade - front hall by Rooms 157 and 158
    • 7th grade - MPR
    • 8th grade - gym lobby

>You must bring everything you will need for lunch to the MPR, including money and jackets.  Students will not be permitted to return to their lockers.  Please do not go anywhere without signing out.
If going to Alternate Lunch or the Library, remember your sign-out number and use the same number when signing in at your destination. Alternate Lunch eats in the Alt. Lunch room, Library eats in MPR-no food is allowed in the Library.
> If parent is dropping off your lunch, it is your responsibility to look for you lunch in the white basket near the stage.  If you need assistance, ask an adult for help.
> Remember that students must adhere to the guidelines regarding bags and backpacks and dress code.  If you have any questions, please stop by the office.

"The FAMS library is closed both before and after school. No student is allowed to be in the library without a teacher present.
Before and after school, please use the computer lab (Room 224) if you need to use computers."

Morning lab is open for all students to use.  Time Open - 7:15 am - Room # 224 on the second floor. Either Mr. Giessuebel or Miss Spirko will be there each morning to assist you.



Club Care - Wednesday.

You Be The Chemist:
See Ms. Mora for details.  

Mr. Colon and Miss Burnup would like to thank everyone on our team who put forth their hard work this year to make our yearbook look GREAT! Stay tuned for information about our pizza party next month! 

8th Grade GT ART meets today at lunch


PLC Core Group: 


  • Musicians:  an announcement will be made when the DVD is ready for you.

Jazz Band: 

Thurs, Apr 24th - til 3:30pm
Thurs, May 1st - NO PRACTICE
Thurs, May 8th - til 3:45pm
Wed, May 28th - til 3:30pm

Jazz Band

Show Choir
  • All members will combine for rehearsals this week on Wednesday and Thursday,  Sopranos, altos, and baritones will rehearse Wednesday and Thursday!!

    • Brass -

    • LOW Brass -
    • Clarinets - 
    • Concert Band -  
    • Flute -  
    • Percussion - 
    • Sax - 
    • Trumpet - 
    • Piano -
    • String Ochestra -
    • Altos - 6th grade have lessons 8th period, 7th grade during 9th period, and 8th grade during 6th period today

Handbells -  
  • 6th grade handbells will meet today at lunch.
  • 7th grade handbells will meet today at lunch.
  • Show Choir - All members will combine for rehearsals this week on Wednesday and Thursday.  Sopranos, altos, and baritones will rehearse Wednesday and Thursday!!
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